Poop Soap


This authentic looking poop is a great Soap made from all of our ingredients that will make your guests ask, “who took a dump on the counter?!” This soap is shaped like a real turd but smells like roses, for real.

Makes a great gag gift to surprise the recipient!

*Each plop of soap is unique in color, scent, and shape.

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Everything.  This Soap is a combination of all our ingredients.

Wash your hands in the most disgusting way possible – with poop! These poop soap bars are a hilarious yet fully functional novelty item that will disturb guests in your home. And just like real poop, these bars of soap vary in shape, size, and corn consistency! Stay springtime fresh all year round by rubbing shit all over yourself using this dog poop soap. Despite its off putting and realistic appearance, this novelty soap features a delightful roses scent and doubles as a great prop for pranks. Get your hands springtime clean by rubbing them in dog poop that has surprisingly pleasant fragrance despite its outward appearance.

Sure to shock and awe your next gifting victim! This handmade soap looks frighteningly real like dog poo with corn butt it smells delicious! This is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving! The laughter is unstoppable and too fun not to share!